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Zipper is the crazy Minosaur who does not have a problem in telling polluters what he thinks of them. He loves the earth and kids and gets really angry at anyone who bullies or mistreats kids and pollutes the environment.


Zipper the Minosaur

There is no more crazier Minosaur than Zipper. Everything he does, he does in a crazy way. Also, he does not care what people think about how he dresses, how he acts or what he thinks.

There were serious doubts about making Zipper a futurist but because his mother and father were very influential decision makers in the Minosaurs ancient land of Nogardland, he was chosen. It also helped that Zipper is fearless. He is never afraid, is very courageous and always stands up to bullies; especially people who bully those who are more defenseless.

His favorite animals are crazy animals. Not bad crazy, just kind of crazy. He would really like to visit the age of dinosaurs as his favorite animal is the T-Rex, or would be if any were alive today. He thinks crocodiles and alligators are cool as they are the closest to dinosaurs that are alive on earth in these modern times.

Zipper's age is the equivalent of 15 in earth years but sometimes he acts as if he is 20 (brave and courageous) and sometimes he acts like he is 8; he sometimes has hissy fits and acts like a spoiled child if he cannot have his way.

However, he loves earth and a lot of the people, especially children. And don’t even get him started on pollution. He thinks anyone who pollutes is a bully; a bully against the earth.

When Zipper and the other Minosaurs were released from their state of suspended animation on earth, they were very disturbed by so much war, disease, poverty and environmental problems.

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