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Juna does not like plastic. She thinks it is a human disease. She is very concerned about the effect that plastic has on the planet earth. Also, Juna is a great believer in the ethical treatment of farm animals


Juna the Minosaur

Juna was the first of the young Minosaurs to be chosen as a futurist. She is a very stubborn Minosaur and the youngest of the futurists at age of 12 earth years. She is a big supporter of the ethical (good) treatment of farm animals especially sheep, cows, pigs, horses and chickens.

Though Juna is a vegetarian, she understands that many people are not and that animals provide food for other animals such as lions hunting zebras. Humans are also part of the animal kingdom and as such are naturally meat eaters. Juna wants farm animals treated with respect and to not suffer in any way.

Like Zipper, Juna is fearless. She is never afraid and wants people who mistreat any animal to be treated very harshly. Though she like all farm animals, her favorites are cows and sheep. Cows provide milk and sheep provide wool.

Juna  would like to be an educator of children when she gets older with another preference being a veterinarian. Like the other Minosaurs she loves earth and its people, especially those who do good and don’t mistreat other people and animals. Also like Zipper she hates pollution. Her real passion is getting humans to reduce plastic and in particular, the throw away kind that is polluting the earth and the oceans.

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