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A world of Minosaurs, Draegons, Wizards, Robots and Adventure

We are under construction  kids, but you can "click" on any of the Minosaurs Menu Buttons above to see what is happening.  Games can be used by visitors but to enter "Contests" and  see the "Fun Stuff", you have to register.  Just click LOGIN/SIGN UP

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If you want a free signed photo of yourself with Greanwold and the Minosaurs, ask your mom or dad or caregiver if you can upload a  headshot of yourself. We will send you back a photo you can have printed off and framed. BUT! You have to have the OK from an adult.  Just click HERE.


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Greanwold's World will never post photographs of children on  its website. We value your privacy and that of your chiidren.

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