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Moms and dads, caregivers, families:  Children can earn Greanwold Greanbucks just by using the Greanwold website. Greanbucks can be used to buy products at the Greanwold online store. 

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Children who enroll in Greanwold's World will receive $10 in Greanwold money. Once the ATM is ready for use, children, will be able to log-on and check their balance. How do they earn more GreanBucks? Greanwold's World will feature games and contests where children can compete for GreanBucks. Soon to come is a list of products that GreanBucks can be swapped for in the Greanwold's World online store. 

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Parents and caregivers. If you register your child or children, we will keep you up to date on Greanwold's World progress. Remember, Greanwold supports families, children and the environment as well as caring for the future. 

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