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As you can see above, her name is Gaia. She is a Minosuar and also an adopted earth child. She believes in children, education, recycling, conservation, treating children kindly and care and respect for animals. If you believe those things too, maybe you can be her human voice.


Want a clean earth?
     Keep it clean! 

Gaia The Minosaur.

Gaia is the earth mother Minosaur or will be when she gets older. Her mother was Earth Mother of Nogardland and Gaia will inherit that title when she reaches the earth age of 18. She is currently 14 in earth years and was the eldest of three Minosaurs. She had a younger sister and a younger brother who did not survive the end of the Minosaur’s world

Gaia is a caregiver of children, small animals and important insects such as bees, butterflies and moths. Her favorite insect is the bee. Without bees, how would flowers and fruits get pollinated? She is very concerned about many things on planet earth that affect the environment and wants to pass her message on to children and show them they can have a bright future if they chose.

Gaia was selected as one of the futurists at the earth age of three. She came from a long line of Minosaurs who were very much involved in the land and preservation. While she is sad at the thought there is no more Nogardland, she is very excited about her future among humans on earth, especially human children.

When Gaia and the other Minosaurs were discovered on Earth and released from their state of suspended animation, they were delighted they had arrived on such a beautiful planet but at the same time, were very disturbed by so much war, disease, poverty and environmental problems.

There is more coming about Gaia and her friends. If you would like to follow Gaia and learn more about her, just register here.

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