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Poseidon is a Minosaur of the sea. He has a special attachement to the oceans and all the life in them. He worries that too many ships and to much fishing will ruin the oceans.


Poseidon the Minosaur.

Poseidon was raised by the sea. He loves sea creatures and believes that a healthy ocean means a healthy planet. He was one of five brothers and like Athena, was a futurist, enabled with the ability to sense change coming and thinks life is a battle between good and evil. He considers himself a soldier / sailor in the war against bad and destructive behaviour and this is why he likes to wear military style clothing.


He was one of the Minosaurs, like Athena, sent into the future to preserve the Minosaur culture.

Poseidon was named after a great uncle who raised him from an early age after his mother and father died in an accident.

Even though his favorite animals are sea creatures, Poseidon also likes any big animal such as elephants, rhino’s and giraffes. He likes and helps protect any animal that is threatened. He is 16 years of age in human years.

He has loves planning and solving mysteries and solving problems. Like Athena, he has great knowledge about many things and enjoys reading books about great battles, mythology and anthropology. Like most Minosaurs, he has a great sense of humour and is a great debater. He is also loyal and once he becomes your friend, he is your friend for life.

Like Athena and their other Minosaur friends, Poseidon was delighted to arrive on Earth but very disturbed by so much war, disease, poverty and environmental problems.

More to follow about Poseidon and his friends.

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