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Appollo is a very active Minosaur. He gets very heated over environmental  pollution and believes solar energy to be the cleanest source for the health of the planet earth.


Apollo the Minosaur

Apollo has a need for speed. He loves all animals but really likes those animals that speed. He is always glowing red because he always exerts himself in everything he does. Whether it’s helping people, doing chores or just going somewhere, he is always going full speed.

He does not like oil or anything that pollutes. He does not understand why humans do not use more natural energy such as sunlight, the movement of the oceans and the huge amount of hydrogen gas that exists throughout the universe.

Like the other Minosaur futurists that arrived on earth, he is a dedicated environmentalist and wants the planet earth to be a great place for children to grow up on, for animals to exist and flourish and to last for ever.

Like the Greek god Apollo, he a masterful magician, and delights his friends with music played on his golden lyre, a stringed instrument that resembles a small harp. Apollo is one of the most complex and important Minosaurs and he is a fan of music, poetry, art, archery, medicine, sun, light and knowledge.

Like Gaia and the other Minosaurs, when they began exploring earth and all its wonders and history they were delighted they had arrived on such a beautiful planet. But, Apollo is worried about the future of many animals that are declining such as lions and tigers, cheetah’s and elephants to name just a few. However, one Apollo’s great strength’s is he is an optimist, in other words he looks towards the future with great hope and great excitement even though there seem to be a great deal of unsolvable problems.

There is more coming soon about Apollo and his friends. To be kept up to date, just register online if that is OK with your mom or dad or a family adult.

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