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20 Things About Stuff - your

kids might  know

20 acronyms that teens and tweens use

that parents should know.

  1. OOTD - Outfit of the day

  2. KOTD - Kicks of the day -- Typically refers to sneakers

  3. HMU - Hit me up -- Usually asking for someone's Snapchat username, a phone number to text or for a direct message

  4. Cook session - When one or several teens gang up on another kid on social media

  5. TBH - To be honest -- A teen might post a picture of himself or herself and ask for a TBH, usually looking for positive responses.

  6. TBR - To be rude -- While TBH often leads to positive responses, TBR is usually followed by a negative response.

  7. OOMF - One of my followers -- A secretive way to talk about one of their followers without saying their name, such as "OOMF was so hot today."

  8. BAE - Baby -- affectionate term for someone's girlfriend, boyfriend etc.

  9. WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday -- A girl will post a picture of another girl she thinks is pretty, while guys will post pictures of girls they think are hot.

  10. MCM - Man Crush Monday -- Similar to Woman Crush Wednesday, but featuring pictures of men

  11. BMS - Broke my scale -- A way to say they like the way someone looks

  12. RDH - Rate date hate -- As in "rate me, would you date me, do you hate me?" A typical response might be "rate 10 date yes hate no" or "10/y/n."

  13. IDK - I don't know

  14. RN - Right now

  15. KIK - Another social media app, Kik, that they want to communicate on

  16. LMAO - Laughing my ass off

  17. S/O or SO - Shout out

  18. ILYSM - I like you so much or I love you so much

  19. CWD - Comment when done -- Similar to TBH, urging others to comment on their photo of whatever they're posting

  20. LOL - Laugh out loud -- Yes, you'll still find teens using LOL and OMG.

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