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The GREANWOLD story begins when eight year old adventurer and seeker of treasure, KEEGAN CLARK,  a junior Indiana Jones is guided to a very special spot by a map given to him by the local store owner, MR. SHAMA who is secretly a wizard.   Having found the magical spot, Keegan accidentally releases 12 MINOSAURS (ancient miniature friendly dragons) and the vengeful wrath of their arch nemesis, MOA CONSTRUCTOR, a creature as evil as the Minosaurs are kind.


Released after 500, 000, 000 years trapped in a portal, Greanwold views the world much the same way a small child does – with much fascination and amazement. 


One of the story’s greatest assets is the no-good, money grubbing, criminy crying, Reywal and his semi-loyal and robotic henchman Datslob. Reywal’s driving desire to be rich, and his constant claims of being the greatest criminal mind in the world is so much fun and so over the top that even though he’s a no good rotter, you can’t help but like him – or at least enjoy hating him.

Greanwold and the Mystery Cave

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