WHAT IS GREANWOLD'S WORLD?  If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, educator, aunt or uncle  or just anyone who cares  about the nurturing, the education,  the future and the rights of children, please bookmark us or register. Greanwold's World is all  about rights of children;  rights to a sustainable planet,  to medical care,  to clean water,  to pollution free air, to be free of violence and war and exploitation. The right to  an education, to be free of hunger and  sexual abuse  and most important of all :

Kids need to be provided a childhood, a time to play,  to learn,  to have fun, 

play games and to just be a child.  


Greanwold products and "green' friendly toys and clothing coming soon.


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Please contact us through our  contact form.

Parents, keep your children Safe on the Internet and on the "planet"

The following links are supported by Greanwold's World and Greanwold's position on the unlimited use of plastics on planet earth.  For human beings, planet earth is Plan A. There is no Plan B!      

Adults of the world owe children
less of this     

And more of this

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Hi kids. Tell your parents.......

Got a family issue?or Question?  Ask Christy

Christy is  a trained counselor/advocate and has worked with kids, teens and Special Needs Children and lives in Hamilton, New Zealand.  She was awarded a special commendation award for the original creation of the Greanwold character, formerly known as Greeny.  Christy loves kids, family life  solving life problems . 

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