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You N Me Productions Corp is a private entertainment production company incorporated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company has developed several children’s entertainment products, the principal project being the intellectual property (IP) GREANWOLD. The Greanwold IP has been transferred to a standalone company, Greanwold Interactive Inc. that investors will participate in. It is a British Columbia registered private corporation. You N Me Productions Corp is the majority shareholder in Greanwold Interactive with a minor position (2.8%) owned by Rimfire Emerging Equities whose position is currently being bought out by You N Me Productions Corp.
















Developed by a team of experienced entertainment, marketing and business personnel and based on a story by Michael Trigg, Greanwold follows in the footsteps of international toy properties such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Barney, TeleTubbies, the Muppets, Web Kinz, Harry Potter and Club Penguin to name a few. Greanwold fills a niche that currently exists in the character built internet, TV and film related market place for environmentally aware, non-violent, educational and fun /magical characters for kids. Two examples of existing over the top IP’s are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who generated $1.2 billion in revenue in 2008 and has generated over $8.0 billion in sales to date. The revenue generating power of a children’s IP (Intellectual Property) is well demonstrated by the Harry Potter IP that has generated sales estimated at $25.0 Billion since the first Harry Potter book was released in 1997. The shelves of toy stores and screens of movie theaters and children’s computers are always on the lookout for the next new hero. It is long recognized that heroes are an important aspect of children’s formative years. The company plan is to “brand” Greanwold a hero for kids’ world-wide; presenting Greanwold as both an environmental teacher and as a fun, magical character and to capitalize on the lack of good, clean children’s heroes in a growing and profitable world importantly, Greanwold has a humanitarian aspect to it. Incorporated in the overall corporate structure are plans for The Greanwold Foundation for Kids Worldwide. The plan calls for a percentage of all revenues, after investor return, to flow into the foundation where a management board will make decisions on the best causes to allot the money to. Additionally, all the website, video games and “apps” production work will be carried out in India, creating jobs in an area of the world where unemployment and poverty is a major issue. Company management has strong ideals on supporting impoverished children and disadvantaged people as evidence with the GREANWOLD FOUNDATION


The Company will realize revenues by selling memberships to Greanwold’s World at the interactive website. Membership suggested cost of $5.95 per month is paid on a parent’s credit card. The website will be constantly updated providing great value for children on an ongoing basis. For non-members, there will be limited access and children who are non-members will have to pay for each download of an “app” or a game. Paid members will also receive discounts for products sold at the website’s e-commerce store and have the ability to earn G-bucks, Greanwold’s World virtual currency that can be used to buy products online or to buy virtual tools in the global web-game. Advertising will be solicited from companies who wish to be associated with a “green” responsible children’s product as will sponsors who are willing to pay sponsorship fees for contests, children’s fund raising programs, the school marketing program and charitable events in which the Greanwold character is used to create brand recognition as well as raising money for the Greanwold Foundation. The company has an Agreement with Really Real Films Inc. of Vancouver, BC with the two companies co-producing up to 13 television episodes and a feature film based on the Greanwold IP. Also, the first Greanwold book has been reissued and  being published by the SPBRA publishing group in the US. The book was released June 15th and is available on most online bookstores including

Greanwold is based on the adventures of an 8 year old junior “Indiana Jones”, KEEGAN CLARK, who is guided to a very mysterious cave by a map given to him by a seemingly kindly store owner, MR. SHAMA who has some amazing talents.   Greanwold is an ethical toy brand that embraces magical fun for kids and at the same time has an educational leaning coupled with the belief that children should be taught at an early age, the advantages of 2nd and 3rd languages, the environment, helping less fortunate kids, healthy eating and the need for exercise.




COMPANY PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: The Company is building a global interactive website (Greanwold’s World) that will feature a global multiplayer online game involving a virtual world where children will be required to select an Avatar and then cooperate with other children around the world in rebuilding the Minosaurs world of Nogardland that was destroyed by comets and the Minosaurs enemies, the dreaded Draegons (Please see UTube video). Greanwold’s World will also contain a range of online games and activities, an E-commerce store of products, downloadable applications, interactive video games, contests and other products that will keep children re-visiting the website. To become a member of Greanwold’s World, children will require parental permission with the monthly membership fee to be paid by a parental credit card. The Company will also generate a revenue stream using the website’s popularity to attract licensing and merchandising of toys, games and kids products related to the Greanwold brand.

The Company business plan has been developed to raise production financing for the Greanwold interactive website in the amount of $250,000 to complete production and a further $250,000 may be required in reserve in the event the website and games attracts more traffic than projected. This reserve moneys would be used to hire additional production staff, add more servers, expand the range of Greanwold toy, games and clothing, expand E-commerce and the school program. Financing for the television episodes and the feature film is being raised separately by Really Real Films who have many contacts in the TV and film financing industry. Cost and revenues from  television and film have not been included in the five year projections in this plan. These numbers will be provided  under separate 5 Year Revenue and Expense proformas. The company has invested approximately $950,000 to date creating and finalizing artwork, creating 15 minutes of CGI animation, publishing the Greanwold paperback book, creating a Greanwold music CD and a Greanwold audio book. The basics of Greanwold’s World website have been completed as well as a feature film script, design of 12 of the 20 video games planned for the Greanwold’s World website. All the essentials required to begin production as well as clothing designs, toy designs and “apps” for I-Pad, I-Phone, Tablets and Android phones, all intended to “brand” the Greanwold name worldwide have been completed. The company has to date sold approximately 1,400 books, 500 music CDs and 400 Greanwold plush dolls with little to no advertising. Total revenue to date has been marginal due to lack of working capital. Most developments to date have been funded by Michael Trigg who is the major shareholder in You N Me Productions and who has managed the business to date. 

All revenue items are targeted primarily towards children between the ages of 6 and 11, and the secondary market of their parents and grandparents, Educators, Organizations and Educational Institutions for Children, Advertisers and Sponsors, Manufacturers (games, toys, etc.) and Retailers, and Internet and Television Broadcasters.  The company expects to break even in and to return investor money in year two. (See 5 Yr. Expense and Revenue).



To internationally brand Greanwold as the “must have”, hot toy product of the 21st century. Greanwold’s mission statement? KIDS WHO-HAVE, HELPING KIDS WHO HAVE-NOT.   


The Company's production partner, CEKAV LLC, is located in Bangalore, India. All business matters and design work is carried out from the Greanwold Company's offices in British Columbia; the production work is carried out in India. Having an India basd production partner provides two advantages; one, accss to a market of over 200 million children in a country with a fast growing midddle class and disposable income and two; lower production costs, savings that will be passed along to both our shareholders and children benefiting from the Greanwold Foundation.

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