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A Preview of Greanwold and the Minosaurs Books

Greanwold and the Mystery Cave is the first Greanwold book and provides the reader (or listener) with an understanding of where Greanwold and his Minosaur friends come from, how they arrived on Earth and who are the good guys or girls and who are the bad guys.


 Keegan Clarke stared with morbid fascination at the worm sliming its way across his leg. He dared not move as he felt, more than knew, the evil Reywal De Koorc and his robotic assistant Datslob were not too far behind him. His features were bathed in a greenish light and he tore his glance away from the worm and stared at a huge slab of smooth rock in front of him; a stone disc imbedded in its centre. Recessed into the disc was a handprint.  Keegan looked closely at the handprint and then inspected his own hand.

“That’s weird,” he thought to himself. “The handprint looks the same size as my hand. Cool but weird.” 

A stone rattled in the distance, kicked by an unseen foot. He heard the murmur of voices echoing off the cave walls and hunkered further down behind the big rock. Looking right and left and back to the disc, Keegan reached out and tentatively placed his hand in the handprint. Nothing happened. He jiggled his hand in the handprint and felt a slight tingling sensation. He jerked back as a loud musical chord rang out inside his head and the disc slowly rose up from the rock and the handprint changed into a diamond shape.

Uh Oh!”  Keegan, squinting his eyes looked at the disc with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension.

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The Minosaur Book of Secrets is a book for kids that allows them to actually understand what adults are saying. It is an A,B,C through to Z.


A – Adults

The secret to getting along with adults is understanding adult speak. Most adults don’t even listen to themselves. When an adult says ; “why is your room such a mess?; they are really saying – CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM!   Get it? Code.  So, what does an adult mean when he or she says; How many time do I have to tell you to pick up after yourself” Do they really want a number or are they speaking in adult code?



B – Bedrooms

The secret to keeping an adult happy is a tidy bedroom. Adults love tidy bedrooms. Don’t ask why; just accept that fact. If you have a tidy bedroom, you can ask all sorts of favors.  You know how it goes! “Mom, can I go to Caitlyns’s house?” Mom: Is your bedroom tidy? See, that’s all an adult cares about. Question: Mom, can I have a cookie? Mom: Is your bedroom tidy? See how simple this is? Keep a tidy bedroom and you get stuff.

What Are Minosaurs?

Minosaurs come from Nogardland,  a very old place that was destroyed by comets and Draegons a long time ago. What are Draegons? Evil dragons  that really do not like Minosaurs because Minosaurs are good and like to live in bright, clean and colorful surroundings.

Minosaurs also believe in keeping the environment clean and helping others, especially others who are less fortunate.

The Minosaurs are never seen by adults, They can only be seen by children who believe in them and people who are young at heart and older people who love kids.


Each Minosaur is a different  color and each one has very special talents. Minosaurs love music and each has each a unique musical note as part of their name.

To learn more about Minosaurs you could read Greanwold’s first book “Geanwold and the Mystery Cave” or check them out at

The Minosaur Book of Birthdays allows children to see which Minosaur is born on the same month as the child, boy or girl. It provides a profile for each Minosaur relating to that month.

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