Parents and children - we are searching for voices for the Minosaurs for this website as well as apps and games we will be developing all based on Greanwold's World of Minosaurs. The contest is open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 10. 

We are looking for both girl and boys voices. It is very simple to enter. With adult approval, simple the girl or boy simply record the following text as an MP3 file and upload it at this link. 


Hello. My name is (Boys: Apollo - Girls: Gaia)  I am a Minosaur and also an adopted earth child. I believe in children, education, recycling, conservation, treating children kindly and care and respect for animals. If you believe those things too, maybe you can be my human voice.

Parents and Children: The rules are very simple. Entrants must be able to speak English clearly. It does not matter if English is not the first language. Entrants are not limited by which country they live in. All entries will be reviewed and the winners notified by email. Age must be between  6 and 10.  Winners will be notified by email. Winners will receive a fee for the the use of their voice in addition to select prizes. For the full rules and conditions, please click on the following button.