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Thank you for visiting the magical world of Greanwold and our other Intellectual Properties (IPs).


The following files are confidential and for your viewing. The first file provides a summary of the IP's owned by You N Me Productions Corp.

Greanwold is market ready and  has been transferred to a standalone company, Greanwold Interactive Inc. There are many aspects to the Greanwold brand and the company wants to begin with production of the Greanpal Language Club that can generate revenues very quickly. This is Stage One as follows:

investing in our projects for kids.

All the aspects of the Greanwold brand.  Listed  below  # 3  trough to 17

Additional properties owned by the company

# 3     Greanwold GreanPal  Language

& Friendship  Club - Executive  Summary

GreanPal  Pitchdeck

Approximate Budgets for  developing  the aspects of

the  Greanwold brand.

GreanPal  projected revenue / expenses 3 yrs.

GreanPal  marketing links - Mandarin                                                       


GreanPal  English Language Learning Sample                           

# 4  Minosaur Globe and  online Virtual World

# 5, 6, 7  Bobbleheads, action figures, toys

# 8   Books -Paperback & Ebooks

# 9, 10, 11  Minosaur  Globe  components

# 12  Plush  Dolls

# 13, 14, 14  Clothing

# 16  My Minosaur Cam

Company Business

Plan (Draft)

Projected ROI on





# 17    TV and  Feature Film -  Animation  samples                  and music videos   on YouTiube                  

Feature Film Script Revue

Feature Film  Budget

TV Series  Budget

Securities Offered to Qualified Investors


Class C non Voting Preferred Shares.

Convert to Common Voting Shares after 100% of investment recovery.



10% Guaranteed Annually 

Earnings dividends paid before Common Shareholders


Rights on Dissolution.

Priority over common vioting shares.


Full Ratchet Dilution Protection.


Drag Along Rights.


For more information, please contact us;  

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