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Athena is a scholar. She loves studying the effects humans are having on the planet earth, her new home. She is very fascinated by birds with her favorite being owls. 


What's the deal  with  humans and earth?


Athena the Minosaur


Athena was the youngest of five Minosaurs. She had three older brothers and an older sister who did not survive the end of the Minosaur’s world, Nogardland.


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Athena was named after her grandmother who presided over the Minosaur Palace and household crafts and protected the king. Some scholars have claimed that, in early times of the Minosaurs, Grandmother Athena was either an owl herself or a bird goddess in general.

In human years, Athena is 15 years of age. She has great knowledge about many things: history, archaeology, mythology, nature and cosmology. Even though she loves studying, reading and books, she has a great sense of humor and a love of adventure including underwater exploration and mountain climbing.

At school, Athena was selected as a futurist. What that meant was if anything were to happen to endanger the Minosaurs and Nogardland, Athena and a selected group of other young Minosaurs would be whisked away to some point in the distant future where they would start the Minosaur civilization all over again.

When Athena and her Minosaur friends were discovered on Earth and released from their state of suspended animation, they were delighted they had arrived on such a beautiful planet but at the same time, were very disturbed by so much war, disease, poverty and environmental problems.

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